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Earth’s Clay

August 12, 2019

Earth’s is the keeper of nearly every element necessary to life.  Since the body  cannot manufacture minerals on its own, imagine now the importance and the power of the earth beneath the feet. The ancestors knew of this power and turned to the earth to find not only health but the beauty of balance. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Earth’s clay has been favored in re-balancing skin conditions.

Clays are the best kept secret in skin care due to their absorbent effect on skin. Clays help purify the skin in Hot & Cold Cleansing facial.
Some notable clays are:
White Clay - regenerative for dry, sensitive skin -    Known for its anti- bacterial and soothing properties, can be used daily to cleanse and the skin. It promotes soft, supple skin.
Bentonite -improves circulation, for oily skin  -  This clay has potent absorbent, antibacterial  properties.  It improves circulation,  speeds the healing process of oily skin by producing an ‘electric charge’ when hydrated, oxygenating the skin. With successive facial treatments, the skin shows improved results.
Green Clay - purifying, anti-acne - Used for removing excess oils and toxins from pores,  guards against acne without stripping the skin of natural oils. Leaves skin blemish free. Its mineral and metal content make it a powerful oxidizer to smooth out discolorations.
Regardless of skin type, clays coupled with regular facials, still prove to be the power combination when it comes to treating and protecting the sun-drenched skin during the late summer months.

Thermal Spring Water

May 27, 2019

When it comes to the complexities of health and beauty, sometimes the answer is simple: water.
The human body is mostly made up of water, transporting nourishment to the cells while cleanses toxins out of the system. Water nourishes all beings. Wishing all life this precious gift available.
Water even has “memory” whereby the water molecules remember what particles were once dissolved in it – thus adding to this compound amazing allure.
In  European  skin  care  the most sought after compound  is  thermal  spring  water with mineral rich nutrients and natural elements that benefit our body. For centuries, physicians have used it in baths/spas to heal and preserve health. Thermal water comes from hot springs – the  higher the temperature and  therefore its  mineral concentration, which is great news when it comes to skin care. The benefits are many:
- Naturally moisturizing, delivers moisture to upper layers of epidermis.
- Anti-inflammatory on skin tissues.
- Reduces sunburn, relives skin swelling, regenerates tissues.
- Gives freshness and softness to skin.
- Evens skin tone, restores skin PH balance.
In all season thermal water is excellent in daily use for sensitive skin with the mineral rich thermal water skin care products like :
Avene – anti-inflammatory;
Vichy – boosting skin quality;
Uriage – soothing, hydrating;
La Roche Posay -  refreshing, toning


March 27, 2019

Witch-hazel is a wondrous tree; its clusters of rich red-orange-yellow flowers blossom during the snowy late winter and early spring, enliven the still bare land with a delicate fragrance.
Witch-hazel is a well known skin remedy and is used in hydrating facial treatments.
Witch hazel floral-water reveals its powerful healing effect when directly applied to the skin. The steam-distilled little flowers are potent anti-oxidants up to 20 times stronger !! than Vitamin C and 50 times more powerful !! than Vitamin E, therefore is a good wound healer.
The pure, hazel floral-water is suitable for all skin types, stabilizes collagen and elastin and work as an excellent anti-oxidant. Its other constituents are anti-inflammatories, reducing tissue swelling with cooling sensation on the skin. It can also decrease swelling around the eye-area.
Witch hazel is surely one of nature’s potent yet subtle form of medicine

Face Reading

October 17, 2018

Interesting to know that the fascinating art of face-reading in some of ancient healing traditions reveals the state of body-mind.
According to face reading principles, different parts of the face mirror the health of different organ systems. The skin texture, color, lines, wrinkles on the face, the eye-nose-mouth-lips-ears condition reflect on the state of internal health. For example : fluid retention and dark circles under the eyes has a correlation to kidneys (indicating a taxed system); lips to digestive organs, cheeks to lungs, earlobe crease to the heart condition and so on. So, the stubborn face-skin ‘break-outs’ oddly can be taken as blessings because they are simply warning signs to make adjustments in life style, diet and habits.
Apparently, face reading goes beyond physical healing art; it is the understanding the non-verbal expression of the Spirit. Only a highly qualified expert can make adjustments through face reading to protect long-term health in physical, emotional and mental sphere . ✴


Wholesome Skin Care

July 5, 2017

The skin mirrors the inner functions of the body. Therefore good skin care should start from inside.

Professional  seasonal  facials, skin care regiments are indeed helpful to re-balance the face skin to a healthier condition.

However, regulating digestive system function by having a healthy, possibly vegetarian in-season diet will  probably  improve  general  health  and eventually also enhance the skin complexion.

Perhaps the best inside-out care is the practice of yoga or qigong and tai chi. These practices have controlled breathing in harmony with body & mind, making the body function healthier that in time will also reflect a brighter appearence.
In  a  case  of  chronic  health / skin  problems,  it  is  advised  to  visit  a physician  and  seek  medical  care.


Scheduling Facial Treatment

July 26, 2016

Weather effects the skin condition therefore seasonal changes are great reminders to schedule a facial to transform skin condition and skin care regiments.

Once in each season, a professional facial is helpful to keep the skin healthy.  When  scheduling a  skin care treatment, the best facial choice is to select the kind of facial that is appropriate for the existing skin condition and is in harmony with the season.

To  keep  once-each-season-facial-scheduling is  worth  the  effort  to maintain a healthy condition of the skin throughout the year.

Flower Waters -Hydrosols

March 30, 2016

Flower waters, called hydrosols,  are water-based  plant  solutions and  produced  when  flowers  and  plants  steam  distilled. Hydrosols have all the water soluble elements of plant life and able to” act like a potent yet subtle form of medicine when applied directly to the skin.”

For example, lavender-hydrosol gently treats minor sunburns and stimulates  new  cell growth  to help  the skin  to regenerate. Blue- Cornflower-hydrosol remarkably soothes sensitive skin and sometimes used as eye-drops to calm tired, sun irritated eyes. Chamomile-hydrosol was found to have an alleviating effect on the skin as “nearly  equal  to hydrocortisone”  for its anti-inflammatory compound called azulen …… At spring and summer time in facial treatments, the season’s hydrosols are included for their highest therapeutic qualities .


Eye-Contour Rejuvenation

January 18, 2016

During the winter season it is more likely to have tired eyes or tired eye area.   To  improve  the  appearance  of  the  eye  area  there  is  an effective  Eye-Contour Rejuvenation  offered  with rice,  soy bean protein and wheat peptides formulations for a healthier, youthful look…
The second part of the Eye-Contour treatment enhances further rejuvenation and is fun too; eye-exercise.
Eye-exercise benefits the eyes and revitalizes the eye area and also transforms one’s mood and when it is practiced regularly, the eye sight gets as clear as the blue sky.

Restorative Peeling Treatments

November 2, 2015

The soft autumn light makes this season ideal for peeling treatments to refresh the after-summer skin.  These resurfacing treatments are the Luminous Peeling and Deep Peeling.

Luminous Peeling treatment at spring and autumn benefits all skin types. A blend of vitamin acids induce a powdery peeling effect on the skin surface. This peel diminish minor skin flaws with the end results of healthy and luminous skin complexion.
Deep Peeling treatment is a safe fall-winter treatment especially for problematic skin. Has a noticeable ability to restore skin clarity and reduce the appearance of scars. Formulated with vitamin & fruit acids and not advised for sensitive, redness-prone skin.
Both peeling treatments have a rejuvenating, anti-aging ‘side-effect’. :)A free consultation is required for an after-care and it is truly necessary to protect the skin with sun-block after a peeling treatment.

The Rose

February 10, 2015

In  ancient  Indian  texts,  the rose  is  referred  to  as  “The Lotus of the Heart”.         

The rose pure scent feeds the  soul  and  is  said to increase love  and devotion. No wonder why rose readily sparks adoration and admiration. Representing  love  and  beauty,  roses  are  the  symbolic  gift  of Valentine’s day.

Rose  oil  is  still  perhaps  the  most  frequently  used essential  oil  in perfumery and therapeutic skin care.  Being rich in Vitamin C, it works as a gentle flower oil that firms, tightens and evens skin tone. Sensitivity  and  fine lines seemingly vanish and the skin left with a soft, sweet scent.

Rose oil & rose water mist are blended in Flower  Mist  Facial,  leaving the skin resembling a delicate flower petal while its fragrance transports the mind to the state of serenity.

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