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Can Skin Troubles Really be Scrubbed away?

September 25, 2012

Late summer it is tempting to try to slough off our dry, sun-quenched skin and reach for the nearest grainy-scrubby skin product.
For centuries, scrubs have been applied to ‘peel and enliven’ tired over exposed skin. Indeed, scrubs have the noticeable ability to produce a seemingly instant result by leaving our face smooth and supple to the touch.
But that is not all scrubs leave us. On a microscopic level, observation shows that these tiny abrasive  particles actually scratch the skin’s surface, leaving fine lines and grooves ; a place for germs to hide and potentially cause more skin issues. The use of scrubs can not only lead to damaged skin, but can also lead to skin discoloration during its healing process from scratches.
There are gentler alternatives to rejuvenate the skin and lift impurities. Clays  or  non-granular exfoliation  with  regular  facials are great  for those with sensitive, problematic skin to safely revitalize the skin surface

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