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Broad Spectrum Skin Protection

August 19, 2013

How pleasant are the sunny days of summer …
Sunlight gives many important health benefits, but with an increased  sun exposure the skin needs protection.
Using broad-spectrum sunscreen/sunblock guards from both, UVA - AVB rays.
Apply broad-spectrum sunscreen an hour before outdoor activities to absorb into the skin.
SPF 30 is an effective protection, but it is necessary to re-apply it at least every two hours and each time after swimming.
Sensitive skin whether light or dark skin tone or those who are sensitive to the sun from taking medication are advised to re-apply 60-90 minutes a high SPF 60+ sunblock. Wear hat, sun glasses and retreat from mid-day sun.
Enjoy the splendor of summer sunlight and its restorative properties with a well protected skin.


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