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Autumn Forest Tokens

December 6, 2012

The forest is a refuge for tranquility and for healing. Let’s discover some of nature’s tokens, uncover their healing abilities to restore external and inner balance.
The willow tree’s flowing branches are beautiful and its bark extract externally can offer the same fortune.  Contains natural salicylic acid, that clears up skin imperfections promoting a healthier complexion in Ultrasonic Facial.
In October, the berries of sea buckthorn scrubs are bright yellow and have high nutritional values.  Buckthorn extract as an antioxidant in-creases skin metabolic activity,heals wounds & treat burns; stimulates the cells to perform their healthy functions in Organic Tea Facial.
The fruits of cranberry and pumpkin seed symbolizing an offering of thanks.  And as  they are being part of autumn’s diet giving us a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. With high vitamin A  and E  content they relieve inflammation and their freshly pressed oil protects the skin against free radicals. Both deliver hydration and firm the skin in fall-winter treatments.

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