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The Rose

February 10, 2015

In  ancient  Indian  texts,  the rose  is  referred  to  as  “The Lotus of the Heart”.         

The rose pure scent feeds the  soul  and  is  said to increase love  and devotion. No wonder why rose readily sparks adoration and admiration. Representing  love  and  beauty,  roses  are  the  symbolic  gift  of Valentine’s day.

Rose  oil  is  still  perhaps  the  most  frequently  used essential  oil  in perfumery and therapeutic skin care.  Being rich in Vitamin C, it works as a gentle flower oil that firms, tightens and evens skin tone. Sensitivity  and  fine lines seemingly vanish and the skin left with a soft, sweet scent.

Rose oil & rose water mist are blended in Flower  Mist  Facial,  leaving the skin resembling a delicate flower petal while its fragrance transports the mind to the state of serenity.

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