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Pine-Like Vitality

April 1, 2013

The lofty pine trees are inspiring . The majestic ever-greens stand firm in the snow covered land, endure wind, defy the harsh cold of winter or the heat of summer with their strong vitality.

The earthy aroma of pine trees is pleasant.  A care-free deep breath in the fresh-air pine forest can be a good remedy for opening the lungs. What gift that is !.. As the breath deepens and revitalizes internally body & mind,  also the so called  ’third lung’ - the skin will get more oxygen and health. Many thanks to pine trees and the air for helping revitalize.

In the mountains and cities, with the guidance of accomplished Masters, there is yoga, kung fu, qigong or  tai chi  practice helping deepen the breath and regenerate a strong, pine-like vitality.  Many thanks to all Masters who guide, teach with great care the correct way of practice.  




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