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What is Honeycomb Wax ?

April 16, 2013

Only honeycomb hard wax is used for waxing services.
Honeycomb is a precise structure, has six sided wax cells. A group of certain bees, called house bees make the honeycomb wax.
“About 10 pounds of honey yields 1 pound of wax. In order to produce this single pound of bees wax it is calculated that bees collectively fly around the earth six times- 150,000 miles…”
Focus Aesthetics appreciates the hard working bees.
Honeycomb wax is edible, has more of the allergy alleviating properties that honey is well known for. This fact explains why organic honeycomb wax has a gentler after-effect on the skin. And by peeling off easy from skin surface, it causes less discomfort during waxing experience.         Honeycomb wax has thousands of flowers & Nature’s all elements imprinted.  Honeycomb hard wax is a valid organic wax.

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