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Flower Waters -Hydrosols

March 30, 2016

Flower waters, called hydrosols,  are water-based  plant  solutions and  produced  when  flowers  and  plants  steam  distilled. Hydrosols have all the water soluble elements of plant life and able to” act like a potent yet subtle form of medicine when applied directly to the skin.”

For example, lavender-hydrosol gently treats minor sunburns and stimulates  new  cell growth  to help  the skin  to regenerate. Blue- Cornflower-hydrosol remarkably soothes sensitive skin and sometimes used as eye-drops to calm tired, sun irritated eyes. Chamomile-hydrosol was found to have an alleviating effect on the skin as “nearly  equal  to hydrocortisone”  for its anti-inflammatory compound called azulen …… At spring and summer time in facial treatments, the season’s hydrosols are included for their highest therapeutic qualities .


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