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December 24, 2017

Wishing you happy holidays, good health and peace ! Thank you for your continued support.

Holiday season is about giving, celebrating and resolutions for self-improvement.  How  about  in  this  coming  year  to give yourself  an amazing  gift  to  improve  health  by  tài jí quán  practice.
Tai chi cultivates health, strengthens the body and mind, benefiting all ages.
The  slow  and circular  movements of tai chi  with  gentle breathing are meditative and  gradually relax the mind, create flexibility while it is also important to absorb its controlled movements. Tai chi slow yet focused movements-learning coordinates body with mind while heavy emotions naturally fall away, creating inner peace. 
Tai chi is said to be the motion of Nature’s rhythm and like the soft  flow of water; the dance of the trees with sunbeam with the power of earth – encircled by fresh air. ✴


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