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Face Reading

October 17, 2018

Interesting to know that the fascinating art of face-reading in some of ancient healing traditions reveals the state of body-mind.
According to face reading principles, different parts of the face mirror the health of different organ systems. The skin texture, color, lines, wrinkles on the face, the eye-nose-mouth-lips-ears condition reflect on the state of internal health. For example : fluid retention and dark circles under the eyes has a correlation to kidneys (indicating a taxed system); lips to digestive organs, cheeks to lungs, earlobe crease to the heart condition and so on. So, the stubborn face-skin ‘break-outs’ oddly can be taken as blessings because they are simply warning signs to make adjustments in life style, diet and habits.
Apparently, face reading goes beyond physical healing art; it is the understanding the non-verbal expression of the Spirit. Only a highly qualified expert can make adjustments through face reading to protect long-term health in physical, emotional and mental sphere . ✴


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