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☃ Happy Holidays ! Happy 2019 !

December 25, 2018


Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to All. Thank you for your support in 2018.
In December, wondrous pine aroma fills the cities’ air, enhancing well being and holiday spirit.
Pine trees are revered for showing their resilience against the winter colds, embodying human qualities of uprightness and determination.
The pine is a ‘friend of winter’ and has many medicinal properties. When the pine tree gets injured, cut down, it  ‘sheds  tears’  called  resin, an aromatic substance that heals wounds. Pines little ever-green needles are rich in vitamins and cone-nuts save many creatures life during the bare months. The air in a pine forest is virtually free of germs and because of its amazing antibacterial properties, renders the cities with fresh, healthy air. Pine oil is a strong anti-inflammatory substance; alleviates respiratory organs, strengthens  immunity. The fragrance of pine tree also has valued effect on the nervous system, eliminates psychological  discomfort.  When few drops of pine essential oil used in hot bath, stress eliminated; muscles slowly relax and night-sleep becomes peaceful.
Wishing you in this coming year ‘forest bathing’, quiet times among the pines and with deep breaths rejuvenate inside-out.   

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