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March 27, 2019

Witch-hazel is a wondrous tree; its clusters of rich red-orange-yellow flowers blossom during the snowy late winter and early spring, enliven the still bare land with a delicate fragrance.
Witch-hazel is a well known skin remedy and is used in hydrating facial treatments.
Witch hazel floral-water reveals its powerful healing effect when directly applied to the skin. The steam-distilled little flowers are potent anti-oxidants up to 20 times stronger !! than Vitamin C and 50 times more powerful !! than Vitamin E, therefore is a good wound healer.
The pure, hazel floral-water is suitable for all skin types, stabilizes collagen and elastin and work as an excellent anti-oxidant. Its other constituents are anti-inflammatories, reducing tissue swelling with cooling sensation on the skin. It can also decrease swelling around the eye-area.
Witch hazel is surely one of nature’s potent yet subtle form of medicine

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