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Thermal Spring Water

May 27, 2019

When it comes to the complexities of health and beauty, sometimes the answer is simple: water.
The human body is mostly made up of water, transporting nourishment to the cells while cleanses toxins out of the system. Water nourishes all beings. Wishing all life this precious gift available.
Water even has “memory” whereby the water molecules remember what particles were once dissolved in it – thus adding to this compound amazing allure.
In  European  skin  care  the most sought after compound  is  thermal  spring  water with mineral rich nutrients and natural elements that benefit our body. For centuries, physicians have used it in baths/spas to heal and preserve health. Thermal water comes from hot springs – the  higher the temperature and  therefore its  mineral concentration, which is great news when it comes to skin care. The benefits are many:
- Naturally moisturizing, delivers moisture to upper layers of epidermis.
- Anti-inflammatory on skin tissues.
- Reduces sunburn, relives skin swelling, regenerates tissues.
- Gives freshness and softness to skin.
- Evens skin tone, restores skin PH balance.
In all season thermal water is excellent in daily use for sensitive skin with the mineral rich thermal water skin care products like :
Avene – anti-inflammatory;
Vichy – boosting skin quality;
Uriage – soothing, hydrating;
La Roche Posay -  refreshing, toning

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