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Earth’s Clay

August 12, 2019

Earth’s is the keeper of nearly every element necessary to life.  Since the body  cannot manufacture minerals on its own, imagine now the importance and the power of the earth beneath the feet. The ancestors knew of this power and turned to the earth to find not only health but the beauty of balance. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Earth’s clay has been favored in re-balancing skin conditions.

Clays are the best kept secret in skin care due to their absorbent effect on skin. Clays help purify the skin in Hot & Cold Cleansing facial.
Some notable clays are:
White Clay - regenerative for dry, sensitive skin -    Known for its anti- bacterial and soothing properties, can be used daily to cleanse and the skin. It promotes soft, supple skin.
Bentonite -improves circulation, for oily skin  -  This clay has potent absorbent, antibacterial  properties.  It improves circulation,  speeds the healing process of oily skin by producing an ‘electric charge’ when hydrated, oxygenating the skin. With successive facial treatments, the skin shows improved results.
Green Clay - purifying, anti-acne - Used for removing excess oils and toxins from pores,  guards against acne without stripping the skin of natural oils. Leaves skin blemish free. Its mineral and metal content make it a powerful oxidizer to smooth out discolorations.
Regardless of skin type, clays coupled with regular facials, still prove to be the power combination when it comes to treating and protecting the sun-drenched skin during the late summer months.

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