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Therapeutic Sun Bathing

July 7, 2014

Since ancient times the healing effects of the sun-light was understood and blessed.  Sun-light  has vitalizing and  therapeutic effect on body and mind. When take-in slowly, the Sun’s light is remedial to a variety of health and skin conditions. So let’s have a healthier body, mind and skin by a daily, few minutes therapeutic sun-bathing !  

The sunlight is gentler at early summer mornings and late afternoons. This soft light heals when it is used in moderation.

By having a daily five to ten minutes long sun bathing without using any sun-screen and sun glasses  gradually brings about a better health and also restores the skin.
Please remember, each year the sun-light has a greater intensity. After spending more than ten minutes out doors, it is crucial to protect the skin or retreat in to the shade. ☂

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