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October 15, 2014

Chrysanthemum is an autumn flower. They bloom early winter and thrive in just about any place. Demonstrating freshness and vitality there is a belief for its strength and beauty this flower allured  ”the soul of sky and earth”.

Chrysanth tea has a slightly sweet taste, has many health benefits. To mention a few ”it is a mild relaxant, has a cooling effect to eliminate heat and toxins in the body, aids digestion”. For its cooling effect, chrysanth flower extract  helps the sensitivity of redness-prone skin and treats the heated skin. Chrysanthemum floral-water  valued in Water Facial  for its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.               Chrysanthemum flowers are liked by many. In late autumn they still bloom and brighten the rainy gardens - making people happy.

Therapeutic Sun Bathing

July 7, 2014

Since ancient times the healing effects of the sun-light was understood and blessed.  Sun-light  has vitalizing and  therapeutic effect on body and mind. When take-in slowly, the Sun’s light is remedial to a variety of health and skin conditions. So let’s have a healthier body, mind and skin by a daily, few minutes therapeutic sun-bathing !  

The sunlight is gentler at early summer mornings and late afternoons. This soft light heals when it is used in moderation.

By having a daily five to ten minutes long sun bathing without using any sun-screen and sun glasses  gradually brings about a better health and also restores the skin.
Please remember, each year the sun-light has a greater intensity. After spending more than ten minutes out doors, it is crucial to protect the skin or retreat in to the shade. ☂

Spring : ✿ Mist Facial

April 23, 2014

Spring time the fragrance of flowers permeates the air.  The inhaled flower scent has the power to increase the brain oxygen level and positively influence states of mind.

There are delicate  extraction  techniques that capture the remedial properties of spring  flowers. The precious flower extracts used in spiritual ceremonies, homeopathy, aromatherapy, perfumery.  Based on their healing abilities, flower oils are also a part of therapeutic skin care. Flower oils, extracts and hydrosols are used in Flower Mist Facial  for their therapeutic, soothing, anti-septic, anti-bacterial effect and with their lovely aroma create the well-being of body & Soul.

Alpine Flower Extracts

December 9, 2013

Alpine flower extracts are excellent for even-toning face treatments.
Alpine flowers grow in crisp air among snow patches in the coldest environments, survive the climate through adaptations, protecting the plants from the drying cold and high-altitude sun-rays. Alp plants also photo-synthesize or absorb heat from the sun.
Perhaps this unique adaptedness could lead recently to a research program. When they were tested, several of them manifested great inhibiting mechanism in melanin overproduction.  Even-toning to reduce color intensity in sun damaged skin cells is effective with help of alpine ‘Yarrow-Mallow -Cowslip-Lady’s Mantle’  flower  extracts  in Water Facial treatment.
Alpine flower extracts are safe to use for all skin types.


Broad Spectrum Skin Protection

August 19, 2013

How pleasant are the sunny days of summer …
Sunlight gives many important health benefits, but with an increased  sun exposure the skin needs protection.
Using broad-spectrum sunscreen/sunblock guards from both, UVA - AVB rays.
Apply broad-spectrum sunscreen an hour before outdoor activities to absorb into the skin.
SPF 30 is an effective protection, but it is necessary to re-apply it at least every two hours and each time after swimming.
Sensitive skin whether light or dark skin tone or those who are sensitive to the sun from taking medication are advised to re-apply 60-90 minutes a high SPF 60+ sunblock. Wear hat, sun glasses and retreat from mid-day sun.
Enjoy the splendor of summer sunlight and its restorative properties with a well protected skin.


What is Honeycomb Wax ?

April 16, 2013

Only honeycomb hard wax is used for waxing services.
Honeycomb is a precise structure, has six sided wax cells. A group of certain bees, called house bees make the honeycomb wax.
“About 10 pounds of honey yields 1 pound of wax. In order to produce this single pound of bees wax it is calculated that bees collectively fly around the earth six times- 150,000 miles…”
Focus Aesthetics appreciates the hard working bees.
Honeycomb wax is edible, has more of the allergy alleviating properties that honey is well known for. This fact explains why organic honeycomb wax has a gentler after-effect on the skin. And by peeling off easy from skin surface, it causes less discomfort during waxing experience.         Honeycomb wax has thousands of flowers & Nature’s all elements imprinted.  Honeycomb hard wax is a valid organic wax.

Autumn Forest Tokens

December 6, 2012

The forest is a refuge for tranquility and for healing. Let’s discover some of nature’s tokens, uncover their healing abilities to restore external and inner balance.
The willow tree’s flowing branches are beautiful and its bark extract externally can offer the same fortune.  Contains natural salicylic acid, that clears up skin imperfections promoting a healthier complexion in Ultrasonic Facial.
In October, the berries of sea buckthorn scrubs are bright yellow and have high nutritional values.  Buckthorn extract as an antioxidant in-creases skin metabolic activity,heals wounds & treat burns; stimulates the cells to perform their healthy functions in Organic Tea Facial.
The fruits of cranberry and pumpkin seed symbolizing an offering of thanks.  And as  they are being part of autumn’s diet giving us a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. With high vitamin A  and E  content they relieve inflammation and their freshly pressed oil protects the skin against free radicals. Both deliver hydration and firm the skin in fall-winter treatments.

The Earth’s Clay

September 26, 2012

Earth’s is the keeper of nearly every element necessary to life.  Since the body  cannot manufacture minerals on its own, imagine now the importance and the power of the earth beneath the feet. The ancestors knew of this power and turned to the earth to find not only health but the beauty of balance. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Earth’s clay has been favored in re-balancing skin conditions.

Clays are the best kept secret in skin care due to their absorbent effect on skin. Clays help purify the skin in Hot & Cold Cleansing facial.
Some notable clays are:
White Clay - regenerative for dry, sensitive skin -    Known for its anti- bacterial and soothing properties, can be used daily to cleanse and the skin. It promotes soft, supple skin.
Bentonite -improves circulation, for oily skin  -  This clay has potent absorbent, antibacterial  properties.  It improves circulation,  speeds the healing process of oily skin. With successive facial treatments, the skin shows improved results.
Green Clay – purifying, anti-acne – Used for removing excess oils and toxins from pores,  guards against acne without stripping the skin of natural oils. Leaves skin blemish free. Its mineral and metal content make it a powerful oxidizer to smooth out discolorations.
Regardless of skin type, clays coupled with regular facials, still prove to be the power combination when it comes to treating and protecting the sun-drenched skin during the late summer months.

Can Skin Troubles Really be Scrubbed away?

September 25, 2012

Late summer it is tempting to try to slough off our dry, sun-quenched skin and reach for the nearest grainy-scrubby skin product.
For centuries, scrubs have been applied to ‘peel and enliven’ tired over exposed skin. Indeed, scrubs have the noticeable ability to produce a seemingly instant result by leaving our face smooth and supple to the touch.
But that is not all scrubs leave us. On a microscopic level, observation shows that these tiny abrasive  particles actually scratch the skin’s surface, leaving fine lines and grooves ; a place for germs to hide and potentially cause more skin issues. The use of scrubs can not only lead to damaged skin, but can also lead to skin discoloration during its healing process from scratches.
There are gentler alternatives to rejuvenate the skin and lift impurities. Clays  or  non-granular exfoliation  with  regular  facials are great  for those with sensitive, problematic skin to safely revitalize the skin surface

About Waxing

June 27, 2012

During summer season frequent waxing services requested. Here are some of before & after care for waxing to enhance your experience…

Before Waxing Preparation

  • Hair should be no longer than three quarters of an inch.
  • Hair should  be  no  shorter  than  one half an inch  to  ensure the adhesion of the wax.
  • It is important to be relaxed before waxing; this will help the body with pain management.
  • When the is skin red and sensitive (after sun bathing or from effect of medication)  waxing is not recommended.
  • Focus Aesthetics  does not  advocate the use of painkillers before waxing. That is not to take away from other’s beliefs.

After Waxing Care

  • To avoid ingrown hairs, disposable alcohol pads are a simple and inexpensive way to clean the waxed area once or twice during the day.  If  you  have  found  other  products  that  work well for you please use those!
  • It is  always  good to clean the waxed area after rigorous exercise.
  • To use  “lufa”  or  “scrubbing mask” over  waxed area  can  cause redness, skin irritation.  It  also  might  spread  germs  on the skin surface, causing ”ingrown hair” (inflammation) problem. And these scrubby products can create discoloration on darker skin tone.
  • Note : shaving between waxing sessions makes the hair coarser therefore the benefits of waxing are not as prominent.

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