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About Waxing

June 27, 2012

During summer season frequent waxing services requested. Here are some of before & after care for waxing to enhance your experience…

Before Waxing Preparation

  • Hair should be no longer than three quarters of an inch.
  • Hair should  be  no  shorter  than  one half an inch  to  ensure the adhesion of the wax.
  • It is important to be relaxed before waxing; this will help the body with pain management.
  • When the is skin red and sensitive (after sun bathing or from effect of medication)  waxing is not recommended.
  • Focus Aesthetics  does not  advocate the use of painkillers before waxing. That is not to take away from other’s beliefs.

After Waxing Care

  • To avoid ingrown hairs, disposable alcohol pads are a simple and inexpensive way to clean the waxed area once or twice during the day.  If  you  have  found  other  products  that  work well for you please use those!
  • It is  always  good to clean the waxed area after rigorous exercise.
  • To use  “lufa”  or  “scrubbing mask” over  waxed area  can  cause redness, skin irritation.  It  also  might  spread  germs  on the skin surface, causing ”ingrown hair” (inflammation) problem. And these scrubby products can create discoloration on darker skin tone.
  • Note : shaving between waxing sessions makes the hair coarser therefore the benefits of waxing are not as prominent.

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