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All Season Treatments

Hot & Cold - Deep Cleansing Facial 75min | $138
Based upon the classical European facial, this is a deep pore cleansing that improves skin condition. Herbal-bitter and natural clay minerals are used to help prepare the skin for a thorough pore-cleansing. The combined hot and cold face stimuli improve blood flow and balance skin tone quickly.

Ultrasonic Dermabrasion 90 min | $183
Therapeutic for all skin types, including very sensitive, uneven skin. The non-abrasive, ultrasonic exfoliating technique removes the dry skin and reveal the healthier skin below. Ultrasonic is combined with thorough pore cleansing and willow peel. After exfoliation plant-seeds serums firm and protect the skin against inclement factors.

Hydrafacial 60 min | $225 Basic - 90 min | $295 Plus
This therapeutic crystal-free, water resurfacing is great for all skin types. Vortex water technology is combined with a unique serum delivery system. Based on the type of serum used, skin texture can be corrected and/or re-balanced, resulting in a healthy-looking skin. Restorative serum hydrates and detoxifies the skin. Radiance serum nourishes and evens skin tone and age-refining serum reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Around-Eyes Treatment 75 min | $138
For those who are troubled by dark circles or water retention around the eyes. New formulations of rice, wheat peptides improve the eye area micro-circulation and also smooth the fine lines. After the treatment the face complexion appears fresh and youthful. To prolong results, eye and face exercise introduced to self-improve overall micro-circulation.

Spring - Summer Treatments

Triple Peeling Facial Treatment 80 min | $138
Therapeutic facial. Deep cleansing and restorative for sun-exposed skin with flaws. Gentle peelings are combined with thorough deep pore cleansing to prevent further breakouts. Mild exfoliation along with soothing water serums and high-frequency treatment, restores the skin's health.

Flower Mist Aromatherapy Facial 90 min | $183
Aromatherapy to calm and hydrate sensitive skin, sun burn. Flower waters and extracts compress with aromatherapy oils and oxygen treatment tend to smooth fine lines, improve the skin appearance. The end result is restored skin with a lovely scent. During the facial, the inhaled flower scent increases the brain oxygen level creating a tranquil experience.

Luminous Peeling - Restorative 30 min | $90
Spring skin resurfacing treatment, suitable for all skin types. Fruit and plant acids in this peel cause a powdery effect on skin's surface, promoting a healthy, luminous complexion. Complementary consultation is required before treatment.

Fall - Winter Treatments

Organic Tea Facial 90 min | $183
Classical herbal treatment during the cold season with organic tea, ginger root and berry oils which remedy the dry and blemish winter skin. Rich in antioxidants, the warming characteristic extracts increase the skin's metabolic activity, relax the face muscle tension. Organic green tea with vitamins B, C, E and ginger root boost the skin's clarity while berry oil rejuvenates.

Tea & Tranquility Retreat 180 min | $310
T & T is about relaxing and recharging. The retreat starts with freshly made organic tea tasting. Having a warm cup of tea creates a feeling of well being, warms the body, prepares for qigong (Chinese yoga) practice. Qigong nurtures inner balance. Calms the mind by the breath aligned with slow movements; creates a sense of smiling from inside out. After the peaceful qigong practice, on a preheated comfortable mat the herbal Organic Tea facial with reflexology concludes the retreat.

Deep Peeling - Restorative 30 min | $155
Noticeable results. This is a safe and effective fall/winter resurfacing treatment for problematic skin. It clarifies and reduces the appearance of scars. Formulated from plant and vitamin acids, it also has rejuvenating, anti-aging effect. Complementary consultation is required before treatment.

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