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All Season Treatments

Hot & Cold - Deep Cleansing Facial 75min | $148
Based upon traditional European techniques, this therapeutic and thorough pore cleansing facial is ideal for improving problem and acne-afflicted skin. Customized herbal-bitters and natural clay minerals help prepare the skin for deep pore cleansing, while the combined hot and cold face stimuli improves blood flow and balances skin tone for immediate results.

Ultrasonic Facial 90 min | $188
Non-abrasive exfoliating treatment suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and uneven skin. The sound wave ultrasonic technology removes excess dry skin to reveal healthier, revitalized skin in just one treatment and improves skin penetration. A thorough pore cleansing is combined with the ultrasonic treatment for problematic skin. For dry, mature skin, stem cell extract with collagen is utilized to increase elasticity and firmness and is enhanced by micro-current rejuvenation to lift the facial contour.

Water Facial 90 min | $228 Basic
Non-abrasive water exfoliating treatment that is ideal for every skin type. Customized for individual skin needs, this facial treatment is combined with invigorating water resurfacing and rejuvenating techniques. When used for problem skin, this facial treatment deeply cleanses the pores and clarifies the skin’s texture for a healthy, blemish-free appearance. For mature skin, water resurfacing is followed by an elastin and collagen cell boosting treatment, helping to rejuvenate the skin.

Eye-Contour Rejuvenation 75 min | $148
A replenishing treatment for those troubled by tiredness, water retention or signs of aging around the eyes. The latest formulations of rice and wheat peptides are combined with machine-technology to improve the delicate eye area and smooth fine lines. After treatment, the face complexion appears fresh and youthful. Eye and face exercises are also introduced to enhance and to prolong results.

Spring - Summer Treatments

Triple Peeling Facial Treatment 75 min | $148
Restore sensitive and acne-prone skin during the summer season. This therapeutic facial offers a deep cleansing, regenerative treatment for sun-exposed skin with flaws. Thorough deep pore cleansing is combined with gentle peels for mild exfoliation and to prevent further breakouts. Calming thermal water serums and cooling herbal hydro-gels are also used to re-balance the skin’s natural health.

Flower Mist Facial 90 min | $228
Experience the therapeutic power of Nature's flowers. Smooth fine lines and restore dehydrated, sunburned skin with the natural healing properties of flowers, held and captured in floral waters. Enjoy a lymphatic massage for internal skin health coupled with floral-water micro-current rejuvenation to rescue delicate skin that has lost its resilience, giving this facial an anti-aging effect. The end result is rejuvenated skin and a tranquil experience enhanced by the captivating floral scent.

Luminous Peeling - Clarifying 30 min | $155
An effective, clarifying exfoliation treatment suitable for all skin types. Essential fruit and plant acids are utilized to create a powdery effect on skin's surface, promoting a healthy and luminous complexion. Complimentary consultation is required before peel treatment.

Fall - Winter Treatments

Organic Tea Facial 90 min | $188
This nurturing herbal treatment promotes skin health from within and is ideal for dry skin during the cold seasons. Organic tea extract, herbal roots and berry oils are enhanced with oxygen and light therapy to heal dry and sensitive winter skin. Rich in antioxidants, these warming extracts increase the skin's metabolic activity and rejuvenate the skin from the inside out, working to protect the skin against inclement factors. A relaxing yet effective lymphatic foot massage is added to enhance circulation and rejuvenation.

Tea & Tranquility 160 min | $275
Melt away tension and the pressures of city life with this nurturing wellness treat. The first step in this restorative experience is to calm the mind with the soothing tastes of freshly made organic tea. Sipping warm tea heats the body from within and is the ideal preparation for the following stage of Chinese Yoga, also called Qigong practice. Qigong relaxes the body and aligns the breath with slow movements to create a sense of smiling from inside out. Lastly, to rejuvenate the skin, an Organic Tea Facial concludes this therapeutic journey.

Deep Peeling - Restorative 30 min | $155
A treatment that generates noticeable results. This is a safe and very effective resurfacing treatment ideal for problematic skin to clarify and reduce the appearance of scars. Formulated from plant and vitamin acids, it also has an anti-wrinkle effect. Complimentary consultation is required before treatment.

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